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In business there are five key “R’s”: Results, Referrals, Relationships, Retention and Revenues. The Banner Season system creates measurable Results. It inspires Referrals, enhances Relationships, increases Retention--resulting in greater Revenues. And, the goodwill and accolades from sending a surprise card or package are priceless! Start now building more chemistry and trust with a personalized gift that wows your client in a way no email can. Your network is your net worth; we can help build yours.

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A Referral Generating System


People appreciate knowing exactly who to call if necessary. No matter what business you're in, ultimately, we're all in the people business--and relationships really matter. Sending a gift is a great way to show your customers how much you care. What you appreciate appreciates!


Getting to know your customers is important. And, the ability to follow up with a genuine thank you and personalized gift creates a WOW factor that sets you apart. The power of personalization coupled with automation is an absolute game-changer. Do it today!


Set up a simple, impactful and affordable system to provide periodic appreciation. Create loyalty and put something in their hands they’ll want to talk about and show to others! Check out what you can have personalized and delivered this week!

Delight your customers and team and make an impression when you send a gift to:

  • Congratulate for an acquisition or merger
  • Encourage members of your downline or team
  • Welcome to the community or team
  • Celebrate new babies, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement
  • Announce a new product launch
  • Congratulate for promotion or rank advancement
  • Thank for business or referral or time
  • Say nice to meet you
  • One or thousands, all personalized, in one click

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Sales Reps and Network Marketers

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