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As a business development strategist and business owner, I know what it takes to retain and attract clients. A brand impression and a human impression are two very different things and emotional connections are incredibly important. As much as you try to put things in terms that are easy to understand, you know there's a fair amount of trust your customers place in you for guidance. Whether it's a special occasion or you simply want to help celebrate daily life, send gifts of appreciation for their continued trust and business.

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People want to know that you’re looking out for them, especially when they don’t understand all the complexities involved. Show appreciation of their trust with a thoughtful gesture that's quick and simple. Increase your retention and referrals; and yes, your gratitude can be personalized as well as automated.


You get to know your customers through conversations on how to best protect or secure their most valuable assets or how to qualify for a loan. They will notice when gifts and cards have personalized sentiments. You won't believe how easy it is to send!


Show your gratitude to new and long-term customers. Capitalize on the element of surprise and have a gift delivered to their mailbox at annual renewal or "just because." Create raving fans and inspire referrals. The platform is also perfect for thanking your referral sources as well as centers of influence.

Delight your customers and referral sources and make an impression when you send a gift to:

  • Celebrate new babies, birthdays and wedding anniversaries
  • Thank for business each year
  • Celebrate national holidays and local events
  • Recognize veterans and military service
  • Celebrate new home purchase
  • Recognize the opening of a new policy or account
  • Thank for referrals
  • Celebrate a promotion or special achievement
  • Recognize for volunteer and philanthropic efforts

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