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I am an entrepreneur and income/growth strategist. My purpose is to assist other entrepreneurs like me to increase their repeat, retention and referral businesses up to 98%. I thrive on helping my clients win in business. Saving entrepreneurs time while making them more money is what I do.

How did I arrive here? I grew up in coastal Virginia. I am the eldest of three. I was labeled learning disable at the tender age of eight. At the time, I had a choice to make, either be a victim to what they diagnosis me as or to believe that I was gifted in sports and I was very creative. So I had to look deep within at the values, beliefs and faith that helped me understand I was perfect as I am. Allowing me to let go of their limiting belief about me and move into my greatness and make a significant contribution in my life.

My dad was a civil servant and my mom a homemaker. I had never dreamed of owning my own business or even realized that was an option for me and I had not clue how to start. Two things I learned very quickly A. Corporate America would never pay me what I was worth and B. I could never spend my life working at one place. So at the age of 22 I ventured out on my own and I can say with complete confidence after 36 years It was the best decision I ever made. I started working for an insurance company knocking on doors and making phone calls to get leads. After a few years I picked up the help wanted ads and saw "Public Speaker" and that as they say, was all she wrote. I became the co owner of a National Franchise of which we grew from 5 to over 52 Franchises across the United States. I have been blessed to help others transform their lives by taking that first step into entrepreneurship.

I understood the importance of reaching clients in their mailbox, of staying in touch and showing appreciation with personalized cards; it’s something that set me apart. However, without a system (or someone whose job was dedicated solely to following up), it didn’t happen consistently. There were always too many other things that had to get done. Staying in touch, while important, is not urgent, and too often ended up being the thing that fell by the wayside. This haphazard approach was costly. It was for me; and if yours is like most businesses, it is for you, too.

That’s why I am such a proponent of the Banner Season system: consistent, personalized, yet automated, WOW touches delivered to your client’s mailbox, unexpectedly. The open rate is as close to 100 percent as you can get! Simply set the system and forget it. It works on your behalf regardless of how busy you are--creating loyalty, generating better and on-going referrals, getting clients talking about you, strengthening relationships . . . all of which results in more money in your pocket.

I have zero doubt that had I had this system when I owned my training business, I could have tripled it. That’s why I am so committed to making sure every business owner clearly understands what wowing your contacts can do for business growth.

Imagine bringing in more business. More easily. For less. Letting the system do it for you.

Nothing I have found will get you the return for so little as this system. If you want to make your phone ring, let’s talk.

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